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One of Ireland’s biggest insurance companies steps up war against fraudsters!

Allianz Insurance challenged more than 1,500 cases last year with nearly 45 per cent of the claims it fights ending up fraudulent

ONE of Ireland’s biggest insurance companies has stepped up its war on fraudsters after nailing a number of bogus claimants.

Insurance costs are through the roof across Ireland, largely thanks to chancers trousering tens of thousands of euro on the back of dodgy claims.

Allianz Insurance challenged more than 1,500 cases last year with nearly 45 per cent of the claims it fights ending up fraudulent.

Watchdog Insurance Ireland says bogus cases taken against companies have pushed every motor policy in the country up by €50.

This comes as the Irish Sun continues its Give Us a Brake campaign against rocketing insurance premiums.

Some 22,417 personal injury cases passed through our courts in 2017, with the total amount of cash handed out to claimants reaching more than €205million.

Insurance giant Allianz has taken a strong stance against bogus claims and last year challenged more than 100 suspicious cases in the courts.

In July, Allianz successfully defended claims of whiplash put forward by three Lithuanian men who dropped them in court following cross-examination of one claimant that left holes in their story.

The claims would have cost the company a payout of up to €180,000 and legal bills of €50,000.

Earlier that month, a Dublin man withdrew his €60,000 claim against Allianz just minutes after his wife’s own €60,000 claim was thrown out.

The court was told that evidence would be presented to show that the woman wasn’t even in the taxi in which she claimed she had been injured along with her husband.

Judge Patrick Quinn dismissed the case after saying he had heard enough evidence.

Moments later the woman’s husband withdrew his own case against Allianz and the court was told that the couple had left the building.

Allianz currently has 500 cases awaiting trial which it has flagged as suspicious and will pursue in the courts.

It says each case it has won has delivered an average saving of €20,000 per claim.

Allianz Ireland CEO Sean McGrath said: “The cost of investigating and mounting a case to challenge fraudulent claims is not cheap but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost.

“It sends a clear message that Allianz is here to protect our customers and will challenge anyone who sets out to scam or defraud us or our customers.”

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